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Goalscorer Probabilities – Gameweek 12 – Odds On #FPL

It has felt like decades since I’ve had to scour Oddschecker to find the most likely goalscorers according to the bookies. Unsurprisingly City, United and Spurs attackers all feature highly, with New Zealand’s Chris Wood being the most likely scorer outside of the top 6. With a lot of the big attackers looking likely to

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Goalscorer Probabilities – Gameweek 8 – Odds On #FPL

In this week 8’s goalscorer probabilities we find who our resident psychic believes will score this week. As per usual, we provide you with the bookie’s prices on the week’s most likely goalscorers and who will get you points. In this week’s article, we have the highest ever likelihood that a player will score at

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Clean Sheet Probabilities – Gameweek 8 #FPL

Will Crystal Palace ever score? Will a Nigerian prince ever give you 100 million? Will Fetch ever happen? The answer to these things is a definitive NO. This week Palace take on Chelsea. So I would be quicker to check my bank account for Prince’s deposit than to see if Courtois had conceded. It’s no

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OddsOnFPL – Gameweek 7 Review #FPL

Day 2 of International break and I’ve already cleaned my house, learned how to drive, and I can now tie my shoelaces. I’ve also managed to review Gameweek 7’s Bookie team for the last game week, and see how we performed! After a wildcard in GW6, I felt that the OddsOnFPL team was in absolutely

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Expected Points #GW7 – Odds On #FPL

A new addition to this week’s expected points posts is the inclusion of Sum Starting Exp. column. This column will be taking into account our Starter List which was compiled this week. Players which are listed as starters will have an additional 2 points added to their tally, while rotation players will have an additional 1, and

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Goalscorer Probabilities – Gameweek 7 – Odds On #FPL

Champions league and Europa league fixtures will leave some people scratching their head about who’ll start at the weekend, with some key players potentially being rested, or still carrying knocks. This week Romelu Lukaku is top of the table with a 66.91% chance of scoring against Crystal Palace. Harry Kane and Alexandre Lacazette round out the

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