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Goalscorer Probabilities – Gameweek 9 – Odds On #FPL

After game week 8 being personified by Harry Kane, the week offered so much, but in the end gave us so little. This week the fixtures are a lot tighter and only the Manchester clubs look like they have easy fixtures.                            

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Expected Points #GW7 – Odds On #FPL

A new addition to this week’s expected points posts is the inclusion of Sum Starting Exp. column. This column will be taking into account our Starter List which was compiled this week. Players which are listed as starters will have an additional 2 points added to their tally, while rotation players will have an additional 1, and

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Goalscorer Probabilities – Gameweek 5 – Odds On FPL

Something a little different this week from us at Oddsonfpl, we’ve decided to do an Anytime Goalscorers article. This will show you exclusively which players are most likely to score, and we will show you by position. Forwards As expected the Harry Kane tops the leaderboard, after somehow managing to score from a cross against Everton,

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