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Clean Sheet Probabilities – Gameweek 12 #FPL

After a boring week of International football . All thats left is for us Irish to hope that Ireland can beat Denmark tonight so we qualify for the World Cup, other than that it’s back to business. Half the England starters didn’t play due to ”picking up an injury” which suited FPL owners fine as

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Clean Sheet Probabilities – Gameweek 9 #FPL

Only Spurs kept up their end of the bargain in gameweek 8. Out of the 3 sides which were expected to keep a clean sheet, Chelsea failed and conceded two, City also failed by conceding two. It just goes to show, expect the unexpected in the Premier League. DO’S This week it’s Manchester City who are

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Clean Sheet Probabilities – Gameweek 8 #FPL

Will Crystal Palace ever score? Will a Nigerian prince ever give you 100 million? Will Fetch ever happen? The answer to these things is a definitive NO. This week Palace take on Chelsea. So I would be quicker to check my bank account for Prince’s deposit than to see if Courtois had conceded. It’s no

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Cleansheet Probabilities – Gameweek 7 #FPL

Another week goes by and still, Crystal Palace has failed to score a Premier League goal. No surprises to see United top the table this week considering they play Crystal Palace. It is a slightly below average game week, with only 6.37 clean sheets expected in total, with the only odds-on chances being that of

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Cleansheet Probabilities – Gameweek 6 #FPL

It’s absolutely no surprise to anybody that Manchester City top this weeks table. City have a 58.47% chance of keeping a clean sheet against Crystal Palace who have failed to score in the Premier League all season long, and bringing in renowned old man Roy Hodgson is unlikely to change their fortunes any time soon.

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Clean Sheet Probabilities – Gameweek 4

A shock last week for anyone who owned a Tottenham Hotspur defender as they conceded in the 90th minute even though they had the highest chance of keeping a clean sheet. An ever bigger shock was the fact Liverpool managed to keep a clean sheet against a very poor Arsenal side, romping home easy winners,

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