Author: Paddy

Expected Points #GW12 – Odds On #FPL

So another week of FPL where a lot of the big guns play against weaker opposition. With Chelsea playing West Brom, City playing Leicester and Spurs playing Arsenal a lot of the bigger sides are playing much weaker opposition. Liverpool host Southampton, a side which have once again under performed this season laying in 13th

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Expected Points #GW11 – Odds On #FPL

11 weeks in and its no surprise to see the Premier League’s best player Harry Kane leading the line for Spurs and being the most likely point scorer once again. With Kane expected to score 6.43 points this week, a lot of players which swapped him out last week could return for Kane. In fact

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Goalscorer Probabilities – Gameweek 10 – Odds On #FPL

There are some things which happen in Fantasy Premier League which just can’t be explained. Pep’s rotation policy, Richarlison’s price, Harry Kane once being 5.5m, Shano telling me he’ll write the text of the articles if I do the stats, and this week’s most expected goalscorer being that of Alexandre Lacazette at 63.51%, slightly edging

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