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OddsOnFPL – Gameweek 26 Preview #FPL

Hi everyone, this is a weekly blog post where we document changes to our team based on bookie’s odds. We have been doing this since game week one and have shared with you our progress and regression thus far. This is not a wildcard XI, or a team of the best possible players, this is an actual team which we have had since GW1 and have made changes to throughout the season. Currently, we’re 1,088,348th in the world and aim to be top 1% by the end of the season with the help of the bookies. To view the team click the following link: OddsonFPLTeam

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Last week we played our wildcard and flew up the rankings with some good performances from new signings Salah, Monreal, Gomez, and Aguero with the team getting 60 points. While one of our new signings Christensen was ruled out through injury it made our transfer all the easier. Bringing in Chris Smalling (5.3m) for the Dane (5.5m) we banked 0.2m and brought in a defender who is expected to score 5.1 points against a toothless Huddersfield who beat United 2-1 earlier in the season. We have chosen to go for Milivojevic over Gomez due to Liverpool playing against a side who scored twice against United, and Liverpool being Liverpool. For 0.05 in the difference, it is so minimal sometimes you have to take an executive decision like this and really feel what is the better option.

The total expected points this week is 56.99

3.3 + 4.84 + 5.1 + 5.1 + 3.5 + 5.51 + 5.34 + 11.32 + 5.43 + 4.16 + 3.39


McCarthy – 3.3

Monreal – 4.84

Otamendi – 5.1

Smalling – 5.1

Milivojevic – 3.5

Hazard (VC) – 5.51

Salah – 5.34

Sterling (C) – 11.32 (5.66 x 2)

Aguero – 5.43

Firmino – 4.16

Diouf – 3.39


Elliot – 3.08

Gomez – 3.55

Gudmundsson – 2.79

Holgate – 2.75

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