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OddsOnFPL – Gameweek 12 Review #FPL

A solid week for us at OddsonFPL. Our points expectancy was 54 which can be seen in our preview We got a total of  65 points this week, our best week in a while. This gave us a nice green arrow going from 632819K to 440057K overall.

Jordan Pickford – 2 Points

Well, it always going to be the case that Everton would concede. Pickford managed to get 2 points, as opposed to Elliot who only got 1 point so at least the bookies called that one correctly.

David Luiz – 0 Points

Didn’t feature at all for Chelsea. Annoying as it would have been a nice clean sheet to have. Mbemba didn’t feature for Newcastle so no player came in for Luiz.

Nacho Monreal – 5 Points

An unexpected clean sheet for Nacho and I’ll take it all day and run. Despite getting a yellow card, I’m still happy with the 5 points.

Stephen Ward – 5 Points

Another clean sheet for Wardy and it’s happy days for us. Wards returns have been very consistent for such a cheap option. The only downside is he consistently picks up yellow cards as well.

Zaha – 7 Points

Another goal for Zaha this week. Since his return, he’s been excellent. Scoring 3 goals in 5 games. A great option as a cheapish midfielder.

Dele Alli – 2 Points

A poor game for all Tottenham players, outplayed by Arsenal and blanks across the board for all Spurs players.

Eden Hazard – 18 Points

In the preview I did say it was only a matter of time until Hazard scored big and boy did he deliver! 2 goals and 1 assist for Hazard and he was incredible. Appears to be a nice differential for us also. The only negative from Hazard was that he got booked, but I think we can forgive him for that!

Raheem Sterling – 3 Points

A rare blank for Sterling who played 84 minutes. On the bright side, he did get that 1 extra point for keeping a clean sheet.

Tammy Abraham – 2 Points

Our only transfer in this week was Tammy Abraham and he failed to provide anything. It was between Abraham and Niasse for who we chose to buy and we opted for Tammy. Unfortunately for us it didn’t pay off this week.

Roberto Firmino – 5 Points

Another week goes by and Roberto Firmino has still failed to score.1 goal in his last 9 league games is awful returns considering how attacking Liverpool are. At least this week he got an assist.

Gabriel Jesus(C) – 16 Points

Peps rotation lottery pays off for us this week! Jesus scored and got himself two bonus points in a 0-2 win for City. Aguero didn’t feature at all.

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