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OddsOnFPL – Gameweek 10 Review #FPL

In a game week which sprang fewer surprises than a house party at Kevin Spacey’s, the results may have been as expected, but the point scorers were not. With Darren Fletcher, Fernandinho, Steven Davis, James Milner and Jeff Hendrick being some of the highest scoring players, and the highest scoring forward being Chicharito, it is fair to say that a game week score average would be low. At least that’s what I’m telling myself having taken a 4 point hit and seeing the overall ranking still going up.

With 27 points coming from midfield thanks to Hazard, Zaha and Sterling mainly, stranger things have happened this season. Strangely enough, this was our highest scoring week from midfield. With City conceding twice it was unlikely any City defender managed more than one point, Arsenal conceded to Swansea, and with Kane out, we should have perhaps considered bringing in Jones for the fixture to Spurs. Overall, the results weren’t out of the ordinary, but it was a very ordinary gameweek.

With Harry Kane’s injury forcing our hand in transferring him out, it enabled us to bring in someone to replace the replaceable Andy King. Jesus and Zaha gave us a tally of 8 points, with a net tally of 4, more points than we would have gotten from King and Kane, that is for sure.

Rob Elliot – 3 Points 

Newcastle might have felt they were harshly done out of a point against Burnley away after Elliot flapped at a cross only for it to come back to Gudmonson, who turned it into Hendrick who slotted away. The Dilsh apart from that one moment played quite well and managed to pick up a save point from saving 4 shots. Elliot stopped a shot late on which could have made it 2-0 for Burnley. He was called up last minute for a corner, but no magic overhead kick on the 93rd minute for him, and only 3 points this week.

David Luiz – 6 Points 

It’s been 4 gameweeks since Chelsea have kept a clean sheet and finally, it has arrived.  A clean sheet away from home this week ensured David Luiz got those 6 precious points.David Luiz just missed out on bonus points as Azpiliceuta and Rudiger get there just ahead of him.

Nacho Monreal – 2 points

Arsenal come from behind to win again this week. Unfortunately, Monreal was not one of the goalscorers.  Kolasinac this week was the Arsenal defender to step up, meaning the Bosnian finally performed as he had been expected to all season long. Pity.

Nicolas Otamendi – 0 Points 

A hero last week and a villain the next. A reckless challenge saw Otamendi booked [not for the first time this season] and on top of that, he was majorly at fault for the second goal meaning he got 0 points this week.

Stephen Ward –  Points 

Another solid performance by Burnley’s defensive unit led to Burnley picking up a very ‘Burnley’ kind of win. 1-0 at home in a ground out win is what kept them in the Premier League last season, and with 16 points from 10 games, they’re almost halfway to the 40 point mark. Tom Pope kept out Hayden late on which saved Wardy’s 6 points. 150 Premier League appearances for the Irish left-back, a feat not many would have expected from him after he left Bohs as a striker a long time ago. Overall, he did sweet feck all, but 6 points, is 6 points.

Wilfried Zaha –  7 Points

We took a point hit this week to bring in Zaha for Andy King, and don’t you love it when they work out. A 97th-minute goal for Zaha left Joe Hart speechless, and understandably so. Palace came from 2 down to end the game 2-2. Zaha failed to get any bonus points despite rescuing a point for Crystal Palace, but realistically it was a very poor performance by both sides, and Antonio should have kept the ball in the corner with only minutes to play. These can be the goals which can save a side from relegation, or send a side down. West Ham, Palace and Everton all look in serious trouble.

Dele Alli –   2 Points

Dele was trying his best to get booked against Manchester United. Ashley Young was really winding him up and I’m amazed Dele wasn’t booked. He had a great chance in the game but unfortunately didn’t catch the volley right as it went wide. A blank for Alli this week. Not for the first time.

Eden Hazard – 11 Points 

Hazard has looked threatening in a lot of the games for Chelsea since he returned from injury and finally it’s paid off. Hazard got an assist last week and a goal this week. He also picked up the 3 bonus points. If he keeps playing the way he’s been playing he looks to be a ‘must-have’, especially given his fixtures.

Raheem Sterling –  6 Points 

Things were looking grim again when Sterling started on the bench. He came on in the 61st minute and it only took him 3 minutes to score. He should have had an assist as well if it wasn’t for Foster saving a great shot from David Silva.

Alexandre Lacazette(C) –  4 points

A blank from the most likely points scorer is never a good sign. 2 goals for Arsenal and Lacazette failed to provide an assist or a goal. He still hasn’t lasted 90 minutes as he was subbed off for Giroud in the 81st minute. With his fixtures getting worse sooner rather than later he could be punted this game week.

Gabriel Jesus  –  1 Point

3 goals for Manchester City and Gabriel Jesus wasn’t involved in any. A yellow card on top of that didn’t help matters. Transferred in instead of the Injured Harry Kane as part of a -4 hit, but thankfully Zaha made up for this.

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