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Clean Sheet Probabilities – Gameweek 9 #FPL

Only Spurs kept up their end of the bargain in gameweek 8. Out of the 3 sides which were expected to keep a clean sheet, Chelsea failed and conceded two, City also failed by conceding two. It just goes to show, expect the unexpected in the Premier League.

Team NamePercentage ChanceAverage OddsMax Odds
Man City63.53%1.571.62
Man Utd61.12%1.641.67
West Ham47.39%2.112.15
Crystal Palace26.46%3.783.9
West Brom25.06%3.994.2


This week it’s Manchester City who are the most likely to keep a clean sheet. Burnley may have a good record away so far this season but the bookies appear to be quite confident that they won’t score against City.  They have a 63.53% chance of a clean sheet.

Man United have had one of the best defensive units in the Premier League this season. They’ve conceded two goals which was against Stoke and have kept a clean sheet in every other Premier League game. They have a 61.12% chance of keeping another.

Chelsea have a 52.91% chance of keeping a clean sheet against a Watford side which shocked Arsenal in a 2-1 win. Chelsea will be looking to hit back after an unexpected loss to Crystal Palace. Despite the stats, a clean sheet hasn’t been as frequent as many would have hoped for Chelsea this season.


Having just a 14.71% chance of keeping a clean sheet it’s best to bench your Huddersfield Defenders this week. Man United have only failed to score once this season in the league which was against Liverpool and something tells me Mourinho won’t be using the same tactics against Huddersfield.

Watford may have shocked everybody beating Arsenal, but they also conceded in the process. Morata may potentially be back for this game and could cause their back line a lot of trouble. They have an 11.63% chance of keeping a clean sheet.

Burnley come up against a Manchester City side which smashed Stoke in their most recent fixture 7-2. With Sergio Aguero coming back into the picture for the game, Burnley could be on the end of a drubbing by the Citizens. They have just a 4.72% chance of keeping out Manchester City.

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