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OddsOnFPL – Gameweek 8 Preview #FPL

This week the bookies made the decisions for us. The main decision was to transfer out Romelu Lukaku and Alexis Sanchez for a 4 point hit. With Lukaku playing away to Liverpool and unlikely to score big, and Sanchez potentially not starting, it helped the decision to drop the duo. The replacements are none other than, Harry Kane and Eden Hazard. With Kane having a 75% chance of scoring this week, it was a huge factor in the decision to do so. Alexis Sanchez is a possible doubt so we opted for Eden Hazard has he was one of the highest expected points of the midfielders. Also, have you seen Chelsea’s fixtures?

We’ve used our expected points post to calculate our points for this week!

Jordan Pickford –  Expected points  3.56

A clean sheet for Everton is more likely than Crystal Palace scoring a goal, but then again I’m also more likely be burgled by a toddler in a tiara.

Eric Bailly –  Expected points 3.44

It was only a matter of time before Manchester United had a tough Premier League game. They take on Mane-less Liverpool this week. Only a 28% chance of Eric Bailly keeping a clean sheet. Let’s hope he grabs a goal.

Nacho Monreal –  Expected points 3.98

An absolute hero in gameweek 7, scoring a goal and keeping a clean sheet. If he goes on and repeats the feat he’ll go down in folklore. I mean, he won’t score, but we can hope.

Stephen Ward –  Expected points 3.88

A clean sheet for Wardy midweek ensured Ireland made the playoffs of the World Cup. He’s probably been out celebrating since, but I’m still hopeful he can keep a clean sheet against West Ham

Nicolas Otamendi –  Expected points 4.91

Our most likely defender to keep a clean sheet having only conceded two goals so far in the Premier League. Otamendi has been in great form throughout the season and could be a season keeper if Manchester City keeps this form up.

Andy King –  Expected points 3.37

King is surely devastated that Wales didn’t qualify for the World Cup, or get to the playoffs, but the Welshman could find himself even more so if he loses out on a spot in the team too. King is a legend in Leicester, but the tale could be about former glories, rather than current if he is dropped for Iborra.

Dele Alli (VC) –  Expected points  6.15

The highest expected points midfielder this week and we’re hoping for a landslide between him and Harry Kane. Tom Daly.. sorry Dele Alli

Eden Hazard –  Expected points 5.67

A Chelsea attacker against Crystal Palace is a must this week. They can’t defend or score and if they keep this up they may beat Derbys record of the lowest points ever recorded in the Premier League.

Gylfi Sigurdsson –  Expected points 4.13

Sigurdsson is having more success with the Icelandic national team than he is with Everton. The Icelandic hero scored during the Internationals ensuring his team qualified for the World Cup. Let’s hope this leads to a good run of form for him and he can start scoring those glorious free kicks.

Alexandre Lacazette –  Expected points 4.9

Despite Wenger not letting Lacazette play 90  minutes, the French striker is still scoring. Arsenal travel to Vicarage Road in hope of keeping up their good results ever since Oxlade-Chamberlain has left.

Harry Kane(C) –  Expected points 13.42

There’s only so many words to describe Harry Kane, and we’ll be struggling to think of anymore if he keeps up this run of form.  With a 75% chance of scoring a goal this week makes it the highest ever this season.  An obvious captain choice for the team as he has the highest expected points.

In Conclusion:

13.42 + 4.9 + 4.13 + 5.67 + 6.15 + 3.37 + 4.91 + 3.88 + 3.98 + 3.44 + 3.56 = 57.41 points (-4)

A decent week is expected, and if Harry Kane goes off on one, we could be in for another massive week. We’re currently in the top 156k in the world, and we’ll be hoping to move into the top 100k this week. Good luck and let’s hope the bookies are right.

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