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Weekly XI Review – Gameweek 6 #FPL

So our Weekly XI based on the stats and a little bit of opinion wasn’t all bad! 74 points this week, unfortunately Alonso getting subbed off with a yellow card in the 58th minute was a bit of a kick in the face and as we just missed out on 5 points. Salah/Sterling/Alli/Ramsey/Aguero all provided points through assists and or goals.

The bookies weren’t wrong about the Manchester sides and Arsenal as Ederson, Bailly and Koscielny kept a clean sheet.

Ederson – 6 points

An expected clean sheet by the bookies and by everybody else. Despite Crystal Palace creating chances they are missing a person who know’s where the goal is. Perhaps Crystal Palace need fans as helpful as these guys:

 Leighton Baines – 2 points

The bookies really fancied Baines and his returns were what I expected as an Everton fan. Everton will struggle to keep clean sheets this season, so if Baines is to be a good FPL asset hopefully he’ll start scoring some free kicks, or defending, or doing anything.

 Marcos Alonso – 0 points

Conte must have felt the wrath of many a keyboard warrior at his decision to sub the Spaniard off before the 60 minute mark. Does he not know about us!!! Alonso was subbed off in the 58th minute and had picked up a yellow. Lucky not to be given a red card, but all Conte had to do was wait 2 more minutes!

Laurent Koscielny – 6 points

Unfortunately no headed goal for Koscielny yet this season, but we’ll settle for a clean sheet. Koscielny also failed to get bonus point despite a clean sheet.

Mohamed Salah – 7 points

An entertaining game for a neutral. It was Salah who broke the deadlock early in the game. The Liverpool coverage paid off this week. As an Everton fan, this game makes me more and more fickle, with my reaction being one of joy only to realise I was happy Liverpool scored.

Raheem Sterling – 13 points

It was a toss up between Sterling and Sane this week for me. I opted for Sterling because I felt he was the safer option, I should have gone for both! 2 goals and a clean sheet were solid returns from Raheem.

Robbie Brady –  3 points

Just the 3 points for Robbie Brady nothing much to write about here! He is constantly on the ball and for a side so heavily reliant on crossing and set pieces Robbie will long be an asset for a cheap 4th midfielder position. It seems all too often, that if Robbie isn’t at his best, nor are Burnley.

Dele Alli – 8 points

Finally! Dele Alli gets himself two assists this week, making it his first and second of the season. Lucky to escape without a yellow card but just missed out on bonus points.

Aaron Ramsey – 6 points

Ramsey won the penalty that Lacazette then converted. An assist and a clean sheet point this week for the Welshman is definitely a better performance FPL wise than weeks gone by. With future fixtures looking greener, could a few more Z list celebrities be set to croak it by the goalscoring curse of Aaron Ramsey.

Wayne Rooney – 1 point

Disappointing that Wayne was substituted off in the 54th minute. Everton should have been given a penalty for an elbow to the face on Wayne, albeit this wasn’t the case. Wayne has had more luck on nights out of late, than in front of goal. At least he’s scoring somewhere I guess.

Sergio Aguero(C) – 22 points

Solid returns for our captain this week, albeit not as high as Harry Kane, but not as bad Romelu Lukaku. A nice median for us. A goal and an assist for Aguero means his hot streak continues. Can he continue it against a mean Chelsea defence next week?

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