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Weekly XI Gameweek 6 #FPL

So something slightly different and depending on feedback could be a weekly addition to the website. It was requested by a few followers that we do a week by week team based on all the stats we have to help people in their weekly leagues.

This, however, comes with a few issues that we want to highlight, it will eventually come down to opinion due to trying to afford the team.We have tried our best to spread the players across different matches so that way we don’t overload on Manchester City/Arsenal players this week.

The team we have selected for the week is as follows:


Baines Alonso Koscielny

Alli Salah Sterling Ramsey Brady

Rooney Aguero(C)

Bench: Pereria, A.Ayew, Hunemeier, Tuanzebe

As you can see the bench is absolute cannon fodder  so we could afford the better players


Reasons for picks:

Ederson is the cheapest option into the Manchester City defense this week

Baines/Alonso/Koscielny have the highest expectancy points excluding Manchester City defenders.

Alli/Salah/Sterling/Ramsey/Brady   Due to the slight risk that Alexis Sanchez might not play we opted to exclude him from the Weekly XI. So this meant we had to find Arsenal coverage so we opted for Aaron Ramsey. Dele Alli has the highest expectancy who is a guaranteed starter so he was an easy pick. Mohamed Salah another easy pick based on his points expectancy and is likely to start. This is when things got tricky due to funds, Raheem Sterling was the cheapest option to get a Manchester City midfielder and he’s likely to start. Robbie Brady scored an absolutely stunning free kick midweek and was a cheap option based on his points expectancy

Aguero(C)/Rooney Well considering Aguero is ”Literally” on fire he made it an easy choice to captain this week. We opted for Rooney as our second striker due to his points expectancy and also because he’s the only Everton player to score a goal in the league so far.



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